Filmography 2012

Here’s to the great movies that inspired us and the bad ones that made us feel better about our lives. Filmography 2012 remixes over 300 movies to explore and celebrate the work of this year’s cinematic storytellers. (film list)


Feeling uninspired! Now accepting the following memes (and variations thereof): 

  • Give me 2-5 actors + a genre (or 3 adjectives, if you want to be more specific) and I will make you a fake movie poster and a plot summary. 
  • Give me a song + a film/TV show/character, and I’ll make a graphic. 
  • Give me a film/TV show and I’ll make a poster.
  • Give me a film/TV show/character + a quote and I’ll make a graphic. 

Companion to this.

Annnnd a final single post of all the Bat-themed Year One posters. 

#batman  #comics  

The final (and of course, my favourite) of the bat-themed Year One posters. Batgirl!